Our Student Sessions  start after you have booked your session. Don't forget to prepay for your robes and wands! You will book with 1 student session or 2 sessions with an all day pass- Sessions are generally 3.5 hours long and start at $50 per person. Sessions with feasts start at $70 per person. All sessions have at least 4 - 30 minute classes


Some time after booking your sessions, you will receive an acceptance letter in the mail, letting you know you have been accepted to NEWWS and gives you the whens, wheres and whatnots that you will need to bring with you on your first day. They can all be prepurchased from our website-


You may also purchase them day of but we cant guarantee that everything will be available.

You will also be given a website to take a personality test. Very important to the sorting process!

Arrive at your designated time, get sorted into one of four groups

(it should be noted that we always takes into consideration the group you would like to belong to and almost always keeps families together. We also NEVER separates an adult student from a younger student)

Then its off to Finnegan's Faire to get your school wizard robe, chose your wand, perhaps grab a snack, maybe select a familiar and purchase a few more amazing things there.

Now that you are properly kitted out, you are off to class! As stated above each of the student sessions will  have four classes, not to mention free periods and time for student groups! Quiditch tryouts anyone? Classes in session 1 will be different from session 2. The classes may be- Potions, Herbology, Defense against Evil  Magic, Divination, Basic Spellcraft, Transformation magic and more! The exact classes of the session may vary from schoolday to schoolday. Each class will be a combination lecture/hands on experience. Better have a quill and parchment ready to take notes! Find out a little about our teachers on our CLASSES page.

Often our student events have an amazing feast during the second session full of delicious food and wizard treats! No servants here so you will have to serve yourself but it will be worth it. If there is time afterwards, mingle with other students and teachers, explore the school, and have fun!

After your student experience, keep up with us on Facebook!

Some teachers have started student clubs! Do planning, immerse yourself in the clb activity and talk with fellow students on FB. Then meet up on your next student day for special activities!

Returning Students

Once you have been to at least one session, you can come back as a returning student to further your studies! Sometimes classes will expand on what you learned before. Sometimes the classes will teach a different topic. Sometimes will will have totally new classes! Regardless of the classes, you are bound to have a great time!

Market Days

- These days are for the whole family. Merchants both wizard and normal will be selling their amazing wares and everyone is welcome to come and join the fun. Lots of fun and atmosphere. Crafts and entertainment will be available as will light snacks. Costumes and fun are encouraged! These days are non immersive but themed and alot of fun! Remember, the emphasis of these events is the vendors and their amazing wares. You might not find alot of officially licensed famous wizard items but you will find an amazing mix of magical and slightly mundane items. Kind of like what wizards can find in a wizard market place! Check out our Market Day pages on the links above!

Our next wizard event is our Yule Time Wizard Market on Dec 9th!

If you like the movies where a "normal" boy finds out he is a wizard, then you are going to love NEWWS! New England Witchcraft and Wizarding School are  fully immersive experiences that makes YOU that boy and puts you firmly into the world of our Wizard School! Wizards of any age can come and participate and many of our students are adults!

Enter the Wizarding World of NEWWS!

Who can go to NEWWS?

What is

-No Spectators on our student days, everyone is a participant. If you have walked through the doors, good chance you're a wizard or witch! Yes, that means adults coming to chaperone a child must pay to participate also. Its a great day to create amazing memories together!

-All Ages are welcome though we suggest perhaps 8+ for the immersive classes

-for the student sessions- any witch or wizard under the age of 16 must have an adult that is 18+ with them and is a participating student with them. Yes that adult must pay to participate as a student, have a robe and a wand. Robes and wands may be rented at the event.

-all students must have a wizard robe and a wand. They may pre-purchase them through our online store and get them at the event with a cool immersive situation. You may also bring your own! You may also simply purchase them at Finnegans Faire!

On Market days its less immersive but great atmosphere and all are welcome and costumes are encouraged!