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Student Days and Market Day 2016

-My boyfriend and I had a great time at the market! I even did some vlogging for my YouTube channel

-Just wanted to chime in about yesterday's event. In a former life, before goats, I was a park ranger, planning events was part of the job. Awesome job Jeremy and staff! Getting swarmed in the best dread you can have, and you met it as well as you could have.

-or what it’s worth. I grew up a few streets away from Higgins Armory in the 1960’s and back then a nickel would transport the expectant traveler to the land of Knights Ladies and Dragons; and a Piper Cub air plane hanging from the ceiling in the great hall. You paid your fee and let your imagination do the rest. My imagination took me to Camelot; my friends saw an old building.
Anyone who purchased the books, yes I read or waited in line with their kids had a long sometimes very long wait but we waited. Yesterday was hot, July in Worcester is hot. The lines were long and there were many people anxiously awaiting their turn to enter this exciting world of fantasy ( Fantasy: NOUN, the faculty or activity of imagining things, especially things that are impossible or improbable: ) Just sayin…
The facility was built as a museum not as a theme park. It was the structure, the façade the architecture that made our experience so vivid. It was advertised as a “market place”. I don’t expect the event planners could have foreseen the volume of people who would be in attendance. I was a paying customer just looking to experience something out of the ordinary. I waited in a line that moved along at a reasonable pace entertained by a roaming man in a half mask. The staff was excited to be there and it showed. It was a bit dark and yes crowded, like movies, sports events, malls at the holidays and so on. I was not expecting to be constantly entertained. I looked for entertainment and found it, opportunities were everywhere. Have a picture taken with the sorting hat, fight the dark arts, getting a wand.
I offer a standing ovation for the young lady and her gruesome friend issuing the wands. I watched from the balcony for quite a while. They could have just handed them out with a curt “ here ya go”. But no, it took three and four attempts to match the proper wand with the proper witch or wizard. It was thrilling to watch and I can only imagine what it was like to experience. VERY WELL DONE, BRAVO !!!

-Had a wonderful experience at the Wizard's market this afternoon. It may have been hot, but it was also terribly hot outside so it didn't matter to us. Thank you to the staff and friendly vendors at the event. We look forward to coming back! :)

-A great time was had by all at the New England Witchcraft and Wizardry school. This was a well planned and produced event.

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-best event I've ever attended, well planned and organized. Excellent staff and overall experience. 

-we loved this event. The cast was fantastic and made the day amazing. We will definitely come back again and again. Thanks to all who played a part in pulling off such a great event!

-I cannot wait for the next one. This was a dream come true. You exceed my expectations! Thank you so much!

-honestly it was great, the only major problem I had was returning to regular school on Monday. 

-so much fun! I would LOVE to come again (and bring so many friends). The continuous bantering amongst professors, and the random creatures coming loose and such- great touch.

-Thank you so much for the incredible people, the wonderful event, and the memories my child and I will have forever.

​-It was truly magical. Thank you so much for a wizarding world experience that was even better than "wizard theme parks".