Defense against Evil Magic - ​Learn to defend yourself against magic and creatures spawned by the darker side of magic 

Herbology and Handling of Dangerous Plants - ​Plants and their uses with a focus on plants that could quite possibly kill you

Potions and Alchemy - combining ingredients to make elixers with wonderous properties

Divination- Master the many forms of future telling

Transformation Magic - How to change yourself, others and objects into other others and objects

Spellcraft - The casting of basic charms at the lowest level. Creating your own at the highest!

Magical Zoology - Find the difference between a nyad and a niffler and what to do if you enconter either

History of Magic - ​Witch trial to Sasquatch rebellions. Those that don't learn history are doomed to repeat it!

Wizard Sports- history and practicality - you know the sport and love it but how was it created and how is it played?

Professor Winterthorn

​History of Magic


Roary O’Diomasaigh

(Oh Dem-see)

Professor Moskova


Professor Teufel

Defense Against Evil Magic

All Wizards know that Knowledge is power and these classes will start you on your path!



Prof Giles Crutchley

Professor Greenfield

Proxy History of Magic Teacher

Professor Krawetz



Professor Wembley

Spell Craft

Professor Pollex


Dr. Rah

​Potions and Alchemy

The classes and teachers you may find at

The Teachers of NEWWS

Professor Peregrina

Magical Zoology

All materials will be provided for the hands on portions of the classes, though kits may be purchased at Finnegan's Faire if students would like to continue their studies at home. Student must supply their own parchment, quill, ink and wands